Your website on Google

Easy to find on search engines

A beautiful design

Premium web design

We build the website with WordPress, a system with which you can make changes yourself or expand the website. In addition, we work with the DIVI template, which has many possibilities.

To make it easier for you, you can, for example, choose from one of our design templates. Perhaps you have already thought about the website yourself and have a proposal for us. We can handle every conceivable design. Do you have a preference for a particular design? Let us know.

website vindbaar


Suitable for any screen

More and more people visit a website on their mobile. That is why we build all websites as standard in a responsive design suitable for every screen size.

If you also want other options, such as a reservation option or a webshop, let us know. Then we look together at the possibilities that are available.

Professional photos

Free photos

A website stands or falls with the right photos. Own photos are the best to use. But if you don’t have it, no problem. There are many free photos available on the internet. We will provide you with the websites where you can find these free royalty-free photos. In addition, we have our own photos that you can choose from.

Paid photos

We also have photos that you can choose from. If you want to have unique and personal photos and / or videos made, please contact us. Then we engage a photographer.

website vindbaar
website vindbaar

Easy to find

With Yoast premium plugin

If you choose the option that we set up your website, we will ensure that your website is easy to find for the search engines. We will work with the words and phrases you want to be found on. We have many templates for you to choose from. We then adapt these to your wishes en suits yor company. 

In addition, we register your website with Google so that your website can be indexed immediately. This way your pages are quickly included in the search results.

Locally or nationally findable

We put your company on the map

We distinguish whether you want to appear in the search results locally or nationally. We will work with you on this. We ensure that your website is registered for local search results and that the company details are set correctly.

Because we put all data correctly, google will show your telephone number and address details of your company in the local search results. This way, customers can easily contact you.

website vindbaar
website vindbaar

Locally or nationally findable

Stand out in Google

If desired, we will ensure that your company is registered with Google Maps so that you are also visible in that way. We complete your profile with photos and company information and teach you how to expand this further.

Own management website

We deliver your website complete. Then you can get started with it yourself. This way you can put pages, messages, photos and videos on it yourself.

We put a dashboard on your website that is clearly visible. If you are completely at home with the system, you can add pages, expand your menu. You can access everything.

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We can also take care of the hosting for you. Then you have everything under one roof. If there are any problems, we can quickly get you back on your way.
The hosting comes as standard;

  • a weekly backup
  • webmail
  • a spam filter
  • a domain name
  • 2 GB web space
  • 20 GB data traffic
  • SSL certificate


Take advantage of our basic website subscription for only €8,- per month. We ensure that your website is always updated. If your website is ready and delivered and you cannot find it, we are ready for you. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

We also have an extensive subscription for €20,- per month. In addition to the basic subscription, we support when new pages have to be created. In addition, we will keep you informed of the maintenance work carried out and we will send you a report every month. This report shows which updates we have carried out, the vulnerabilities found and cleaned up on the website and the speed of your website.


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