In order to be optimally found in Google (SEO), a number of steps must be taken. One of those steps is to create a Google My Business page.
Google My Business is a great way to make your business known to potential customers. Your Google My Business page is your own environment in which you post all relevant information about your company. When customers search for your company or type of business, this information comes to the fore.

What are the benefits of Google My Business?

1. Potential customers will immediately see where you are located.

If they search by your company name, they will immediately see a map with the location of your company. Are they not looking for your specific company, but they are looking for the industry in combination with the region in which you are located? Even then you will come forward in the search results.

2. Free on the 1st page

A complete and well-filled Google My Business page will appear on the first page of the search results.

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3. Practical information is immediately visible

Leads can instantly retrieve information from Google My Business without having to look it up on your website. This way they can contact you quite easily. By keeping data such as opening hours, telephone number and website up-to-date, you provide your target group with the information they are looking for.
From mobile devices, (potential) customers can even call or email immediately, by simply clicking on the link.
Or you can drive straight to you via the GPS function in Google Maps.

4. Reviews

Thanks to your Google My Business page, customers can leave a review. These are a very nice way to gain authority in your field. Potential customers immediately see how well your business is rated. Tip: Ask customers who have a good experience with your product or service to write a Google review. The more reviews, the more reliable you look.

Google Business lets  you create a Google My Business page in just a few clicks. After registration you will receive a verification code by post. You use it to activate your My Business page. Make sure that you fill in all company details and that things like opening hours and address details are correct. In addition, good quality photos contribute to a professional appearance.

SEO is also indispensable for the self-employed and small businesses.
After all, you want to be found optimally when potential customers look for information.

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