Improve your Website 

It doesn’t always take a big change to improve your website!

website verbeteren

Does your current website no longer meet your needs? Do you want to improve/adjust your existing website? Or is the website not found well in Google?
Time for change.

How do you ensure that your visitor stays on the website?

Make the purchase on the website

Can quickly find what he is looking for?

Together we will get started with your website. We determine your goals for the website. Think of a new layout, faster loading time, easier to find, new pages or optimizing. We determine together what we want to improve on the website. If you prefer a completely new website, look here.

What do we do?

First, we will look together at what the points for improvement are for your website. When we have mapped everything out, I give advice in which all points are taken into account. If we agree, we can get started with your website.

We make a schedule based on the activities and the urgency of adjustments. We take into account how quickly things have to be implemented. If the website cannot be offline, we will implement the changes on a shadow website.

In the end you have a website that is completely optimized again and your website is tailored to what you want to achieve with your website.

website aanpassen

Book your introductory meeting directly in my agenda!


Then we will look together at the points for improvement of your website and how we will tackle them!

No more worries about how to get your website optimal!

Your website is checked for points for improvement

You get personal advice about your website

With a clear goal in mind

Personal support is important to us

Investments in optimization from € 327,-