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Different packages

There are several packages to buy or lease a website at once for a fixed low monthly fee. More information can be found here. 


At Ik leer ondernemen you can also have your website accommodated. Even if you already have a website, this is not a problem. We transfer the content of your old website to your new website with our switching service.

We have all our websites running at a reliable hosting company. Do you already have a hosting provider yourself? You can transfer our hosting switching service to our provider for free. 


Updating your WordPress website weekly. Every week we check whether the website is up-to-date. In addition, we ensure that your website performs optimally at all times. You can think of updating all plugins and your theme, but also optimizing the loading time of the website.

There are 2 packages:
Basic maintenance and Extensive maintenance. Price per month.

In the case of extensive maintenance, in addition to the above, we also inform you of the maintenance work carried out and we send a report every month. This report will reflect which updates we have carried out, the found and cleaned up vulnerabilities of the website and the speed of your website.


Do you regularly have smaller jobs to do just need support and advice? For example, do you need support for setting up the mail? Or do you want help setting up a newsletter? There are certain things that need to be done even though your website is ready. Can’t find a way out yourself or can’t get to it? Then take a strippenkaart with us.

Have the logo made

Don’t have a logo yet or do you want to have a new logo made? We have a graphic designer who can make this for you. We have 2 options, a basic logo and a design logo. More information can be found here.

Business Map

With the MapsTell method you can create your Business Map on the basis of a questionnaire. A visual landscape map in which all cities, rivers, mountains and valleys are named based on your behaviors and characteristics. In your dashboard you can download a Business Map.

If you want an extensive version with leadership and sales incorporated into it to map yourself and your company, then costs 98 euros.



The form below can be filled in with the options you would like. If there are any questions, please let us know. After we have received the form, we will contact you to discuss your wishes further.

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