Support bundle

And get help with your website

Get help with your website

Maintaining a website takes a lot of time. Time that you can use better as an entrepreneur. Updates must be made and preferably as soon as possible. You can conclude maintenance contracts with us so that we can do this for you and you as an entrepreneur can focus on the activities that generate money for your company. We have 2 types. A basic contract of 8 euros per month and extensive support of 20 euros per month. Look here for more information.

Do you regularly need support and advice to do smaller jobs? For example, do you need support for setting up the e-mail? Or do you want help setting up a newsletter? There are certain things that need to be done even though your website is ready. Are you unable to work it out yourself or do you not get around to it? Then take a support bundle from us.

What can you do with a support bundle

  • Telephone support
  • Get advice
  • Making small adjustments to the website such as placing images or texts (small assignments)
  • Inserting mp3 files, youtube videos and other media
  • Updating wordpress, template and plugins
  • Installing and configuring plugins
  • Email, domains, relocation and other support
  • Help and explanation with
  • WordPress, WooCommerce, email and formatting
  • Setting up the newsletter system
  • Backup of the website

Benefit from a lower hourly rate

Our normal hourly rate is € 97,-. If you expect to need help from us on a regular basis, take a strippenkaart. The strip card is valid indefinitely. We offer the strip card below.

3 hour/ 12 stips

Support bundle

(An advantage of € 18, -)

5 hour/ 20 strips

Support bundle

(An advantage of € 55, -)

10 hour/ 20 strips

support bundle

(An advantage of € 160, -)

15 hour/ strips

support bundle

(An advantage of € 315, -)

The strip card cannot be used for the construction of complete websites. Request an offer for this.

Benefits support bundle

• You will receive a nice discount on our hourly rate
• A response within 24 hours on working days
• The Strippenkaart has an unlimited shelf life
• You will be helped quickly
• Always insight into your credit


How does the strip card work?

If you put us to work, we will settle this time via the strip card: 1 strip is 15 minutes. And the more strips you purchase, the higher the discount on the hourly rate. By working with the strip card, we prevent you from being sent an invoice for every ’trifle’. That saves us both some administration.
Strips are valid indefinitely and are only supplemented after consultation. The time we have been working for you is neatly recorded in our administration. If you would like to view a specification, please give us a call.


  • 1 strip is 15 minutes of work
  • The number of strips can be freely determined, taking into account the expected activities.
  • The more strips, the more discount
  • Unused strips remain valid indefinitely
  • Strips are processed weekly
  • You will receive an e-mail notification of the mutations

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