Do you need a website as an entrepreneur? That is a question we often hear. Where it was previously only reserved for larger companies, this is now different. The world of entrepreneurship is changing at a rapid pace and we are increasingly switching to online entrepreneurship. 97% of people have internet at home and more and more people buy their products online. This makes a website increasingly important. And remember in 2021 a website is always accessible, easier to maintain and also affordable.

Having a website is not just about selling goods and services, but also about providing value to potential customers.

Here are 8 reasons why you need a website as an entrepreneur:

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3. You will appear in Google search results

Almost all consumers perform a search result before making a purchase. They search Google with certain keywords (one or more) to find the right information. For example, they search for “have a website made” or “Nike shoes size 40”. If you as an entrepreneur do not have a website, the chance that you will be found is zero. But if you do have a website and it is well optimized for search results, there is a good chance that you will rank at the top of Google and thus become findable for future customers.

4. A website is an easy step for a future customer

If your website is found well in Google and people are looking for information about a certain product or service. They are looking for a website that contains this information. For many people this is the first step. In addition, they check the opening times and whether they can contact this company with their questions. Your website offers the solution, because that is where they will find the answers they are looking for. With your website you can convince someone who is in doubt to become a customer of yours.

5. A website is measurable

The results of a website are measurable. Statistics can tell you exactly how many visitors have visited the website and which pages they clicked through. You can view how long they have been online and, not unimportantly, how many visitors have left. So you can see exactly on which page they arrive, what search terms they have used in Google for that and where they leave the website. This way you can optimize your website because you know which pages are doing well and which are not. For this you connect your website with Google Analytics.

6. Image of your company

With your website you make a first impression of your company and of you as an entrepreneur. And you only get one chance to make a good first impression. It offers an opportunity for a low-threshold form of first contact. People who have not or hardly heard of your brand can see at a glance who you are, what you do and why you are different from the competition. When the competition’s website seems more credible, the customer has made their choice quickly. Your website must be well aligned with your target audience.

7. A website saves money

As a start-up or small business, you may be concerned that a website will not fit your budget. But after an investment you actually save money. Because the main reason to have a good professional website is to make a profit. Because in 2021, the majority of what is sold is done online. This is possible with a webshop for goods and a website for services. With the right funnel in which you involve people in buying products and/or services, you take them along in their purchasing process.

8. Competition

No one can ignore the development of the internet anymore. As an entrepreneur, you cannot stay behind without being overtaken by your competitors.

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Why do you need a website as an entrepreneur?

Not being online with your company is no longer of this time. Certainly in 2020-2021, the number of online companies has increased significantly and there is more online sales than ever. So you need an online identity and it’s smart to start as soon as possible if you don’t already have one.

Building a website seems like a big investment. That can be a barrier. However, with a good professional website you save time and money.

Because with a website you inform your (potential) customers 24/7 for whom you do not have to be available yourself. This saves you time.

With a website you sell goods and/or services and thus generate money.

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