But what is entrepreneurship? According to the the business you are an entrepreneur if you independently supply goods or services with the intention of making a profit.

Entrepreneurship is also above all rolling up your sleeves and working hard, dreaming of your own products and/or services and developing them further. There are many different legal forms. Research carefully what will work for you as an entrepreneur

Starting your own business is not as easy as you might initially think. Simply because you don’t understand everything yet. Is that bad? No not at all. The only question is what are you going to do about this? It often starts with the passion of the entrepreneur. With a clear vision, a good idea and a lot of enthusiasm, the first steps are taken for the starting company. Many entrepreneurs forget the most important steps.

what is entrepreneurship

What are the first steps you can take yourself to grow your business in 5 steps?

What can you do yourself?

1. Set goals

It is important to start with clear and clear goals. Once you know where you want to go, you can take targeted steps. If you know where you want to go, you can start making intermediate goals. These are benchmarks. This way you know you are on the right track. Is it a bit off? Then see where it is. Stay focused and see if you need to adjust anything.

2. Make a plan

What do you need to achieve your goals? And what do I want to do when? Make a plan for this. An overview of what you still need to do and when.
There are things that go well and that you like to do. They will be ready. But what do you do with the things that are not going well for you (yet)? Are you going to delve into it or would you rather outsource it? Think carefully about that. An entrepreneur cannot be good at everything. There are plenty of freelancers you can use.
And your goals that you have set. Can you achieve your goal alone or do you also need others? Do we still need to improve certain points? Let everyone know what your goal is and make it visual. Hang this where you see it every day. So you can keep your focus. You can also take a picture of it and put it as a wallpaper on your PC so you can see it every time.

3. The website

What do you have on your website? Is the message clear? When you are on the homepage is it clear in 2 seconds what you have to offer? Because an average person clicks away from the page after 2-3 seconds.
Does the look of the website suit you and your customers? Take a critical look at your website as if you were entering it for the first time. Is the message clear or not?
Do you also have blogs on your website? Are they easy to find? How often do you write a blog? The more interaction there is on the website, the better you rank in Google. Speaking of which, how did you set up the website? Have you thought about how to rank better in google?

4. My products and/or services

What products and/or services you offer is that clear to (potential) customers? Do you actually deliver something that solves the pain of your customers? And is this story clear on your website and in the messages you share on social media? A consistent corporate identity is part of doing business
Determine where your customers are now and where they want to go. You offer the solution for this.

5. Where are your customers?

When starting your business, you determine your target audience. To be visible, you can use your marketing on the different channels that are available. Be the first to determine where are your customers located? Use 3 channels that your customers are on for sharing information, blogs, etc. Think about how often you want to post messages. Do you have few followers? Then post a message every day. You will see that the number of followers will increase.

These were the 5 steps to grow your business. These are steps you could do yourself. Just get on with it. If it doesn’t work at once, it’s not a big deal. There are many things to take into account. And entrepreneurship takes time. But remember action is reaction. The more action you give, the more reaction comes back.

Do you have questions about this or do you want more information? Let us know in a comment below or contact us.

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